Studio dentistico Dr Frank van Uffelen Srl

Dental practice

Dr. Frank van Uffelen


The practice was opened in Ponte Tresa in 1988; in 1992 Dr. Frank van Uffelen became manager of the practice and, since 1993, he is the owner. In 2003, after a complete renovation, we moved in the new and current practice in Aldo Moro Square in Ponte Tresa.

We comply with the current regulations in the observance of structural and technological requisites, according to the specific European Legislation, which includes the structural adaptation for disabled people access.


Our main goal is to obtain and maintain a healthy mouth which is also functioning in every aspect (chewing, esthetic, and phonetic) carrying out long-lasting services realised taking into account the patient’s needs and of the most proper methods for every single case.
Moreover, we pay particular attention to our work, so that it will match the therapeutic and esthetic expectations of every patient.

  • Analyse the case
  • Suggest solutions
  • Evaluate alternatives
  • Cure the problem
  • Carry out maintainance


Usually the first visit consist a general examination of the whole mouth and, precisely, of the teeth and of the conditions of the periodontium; detailed dental x-rays and panorex will be done if needed. During the visit the health condition and the peculiarity of his/her mouth will be explained to the patient.

A therapy proposal, including an estimate, will be given on request; if needed an alternative therapy, estimate included, will be discussed.
In order to help the patient to evaluate the proposed therapies, a copy of the information explained will be presented. Should the patient have previous x-rays, we advise to bring them to the first visit.

Before the first visit the patient will be asked to fill out a form with personal data and a questionnaire about his general health.

The patient will be also protected in terms use of personal data according to privacy standards and he will have to sign his consent (according to privacy law 675).


Prevention is one of our main priorities! After the oral hygiene session, the hygienist will decide with the patient on the periodicity of the further hygiene sessions according to the health of his periodontium and of his teeth, and according to peculiarities that have been found.

The next appointment will be made straight ahead and, if requested by the patient, it will be reminded by phone or by mail.

The visit consist of a session with the dental hygienist and of a check-up by the dentist.
Usually two recall examinations per year are recommended.