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Fees and payments

Studio dentistico

Fees and payments

After the first visit, the patient will be given a therapy proposal, including an explanation of the estimate for the necessary therapies. Since we give a detailed estimate before every therapy, we decided not to publish a rate table. Anyway, we want to inform you about first examination and dental hygiene session fees:

First visit

€ 60

X-ray status (if needed)

€ 60

Dutch Periodontal Screening Index/DPSI

€ 30

Panorex (if needed)

€ 90

Dental hygiene session, depending on gums and teeth conditions

€ 50 – 120

We accept payment by EC, debit card, and credit card (Visa or Mastercard).

We can inform you about ERGO dental insurance conditions.

The most important Swiss insurances (such as Helsana, Helvetia, Swica, Suva) cover our services.